3.1 Highway Overpass

   Overpasses are hulking great concrete constructions that support intense urban pollution in the form of automobiles. Usually they are very dead spaces, however projects like Jo Jinman Architects’ Overpass Forest [1] is an experiment in reactivating plants in such a space (through solar focusing). Often they feature outdoor gyms, although not the healthiest environment for intense aerobic exercise. To mitigate these effects and provide momentum towards more sustainable transportation this intervention has two main functions:

3.2 Algae Bioreactor

   Algae is very efficient at both photosynthesis (capturing energy from the sun) and processing carbon dioxide into oxygen. This can result in the phenomenon of algae blooms, where the microorganisms reproduce so rapidly they overrun water based ecosystems. However when managed carefully algae’s strengths can be harnessed to produce clean and consistent energy, air and water [2] Biophotovoltaics [3] are organic solar panels currently in development, they gather excess electrons produced by algae when it is photosynthesising which are used to charge batteries. The Photobioreactor [4] is a concept which uses tanks of algae to convert exhaust gases into clean oxygen. To feed the systems, rainwater harvesters ensure a steady supply of water, along with pumps to deliver clean water to nearby wetland habitats and rivers. The other product from both of these is the algae itself which after it has reached maturity can be used for several applications [5], for example bio plastics and building materials 바이오플라스틱과 건축 자재 [6], micro nutrients [7,8] or biomass for energy production and carbon sequestering (known as BECCS) [9].

3.3 Micro Wetlands

   Wetlands [10]are widely regarded as one of the most biodiverse forms of ecosystem and are found where waterways meet the land in every continent on earth. Their capacity to support many species of birds, fish, insects and plants combined with high rates of carbon sequestering (trapping carbon in the earth where it will not contribute to global warming) makes preserving and establishing wetlands an important component of rewinding efforts. Cleaned and filtered rainwater from the algae bioreactor is used to fill and maintain deep ponds around the bases of the overpass structure.


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