Pojangnongbang - Between the Cracks is exhibted in Seoul at Art Space Yeong from August 13th till August 29th 2021

   Pojangnongbang is an art business investigating the design of urban space from the perspectives of art, ecology, technology and community networks.
   Between the Cracks is the second iteration of the project, it focuses on developing a speculative system of interventions to reimagine relationships between urban environments. This includes the living things that inhabit them and the energy that is circulated within.
   On the other pages of this site you will find the elements of the system explored in more detail. They are dispersed into common urban typologies of Seoul which are utilised as staging grounds to connect them with the present day. Click on the images to visit each intervention.

— Learn more about the project here
— Read research interviews here
— View the first version here

Pojangnongbang is a collaboration between:
Min Sung Hong - Installation Artist
Yoyojin - Multimedia Artist
Luke Rideout - Strategic Designer

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Subterranean Lab

Biodiversity Index Monitor — Field Genebank
Aeroponic Cultivator

Highway Overpass

Algae Bioreactor
Micro Wetlands

Urban Stream

Ecosystem Sensor Network — Habitat Diverse Retrofitting
Pojangnongbang Zones


Organic Community Farming — Soil Regeneration
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